Te Puna Kōhungahunga is set up to provide Māori Medium Early Childhood Education for the tamariki of students and staff at the University of Auckland with additional spaces available for the community. Currently we are licensed for up to 49 tamariki with 10 spaces available for tamariki under two years. Tamariki at the centre must be 10 months or older.

3+ year olds (STUDENT fee = STAFF&Community fee)
Chargeable hourly fee after the 20 free hours - $6.25

One Child Enrolled (STUDENT fee/STAFF&Community fee)
2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Over 2's $105.00/$113.00 $158.00/$169.00 $210.00/$226.00 $213.00/$232.00
Under 2's $110.00/$120.00 $165.00/$180.00 $220.00/$240.00 $225.00/$250.00

Two or More Children Enrolled (STUDENT fee/STAFF&Community fee)
2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Over 2's $90.00/$96.00 $134.00/$144.00 $178.00/$192.00 $180.00/$197.00
Under 2's $94.00/$102.00 $140.00/$153.00 $187.00/$204.00 $190.00/$212.00

Please Note: 1) This fee schedule is effective from 1 January 2017. 2) Fees are inclusive of GST and may be subject to change. 3) A whānau discount is offered to under 3's if more than one tamaiti from the whānau attends. 4) Meals are not included in these fees.

Part-time Care Options: We have a limited number of part-time spaces available. Please speak to the kaiwhakahaere (centre manager) to discuss part-time options. We do not have an option for session care. The daily fees apply whatever the hours of attendance.

Fee Payment: Once your tamaiti is enrolled you will receive a monthly statement. Fees are to be paid two weeks in advance. We prefer whānau to pay by automatic payment. We appreciate prompt payment.

WINZ: You may be eligible for a WINZ subsidy for part of your fees. Forms are available from your nearest WINZ office or can be downloaded from their website. Arrangements to receive subsidies are made through WINZ. Whānau are liable for the full cost of the fees until the WINZ subsidy has been approved. Once WINZ subsidy payments have been received they will be shown as a credit on your weekly account.